Whatsapp apk for Android

Whatsapp is one of the best communication apps which is majorly being used by smartphone users. Today, every smartphone user irrespctive of operating system like android, windows, IOS and symbian is using whatsapp for communication. Through this whatsapp you can share text,images,audio and video as well.Recently Whatsapp is updated with online free call facility, with this you can talk to your friends across globe with very less data charges. For first time you can install & use it on your phone for free.After one year you will have to pay the small amount of $0.99. Recently whatsapp is taken over by facebook with the huge amount of $19 million. Even though facebook has it’s own messenger, it has taken over whatsapp with huge amount. This shows the craze of users on whatsapp.

Though you can install this app from google play, there you will have to install the app on your phone directly rather than storing the apk file on your device. Sometimes you may not be able install the apps as there is no sufficient RAM(memory) on your device. In such cases you will have to download the file to your device and install after uninstalling some other apps, which is not possible through google play.

Still some other sources are providing these kind of apps, we need to mind about security which is most important. Here we are providing apps which are virus free and protective against malware injection into your device. So, we are providing you flexibility to download the apps into your device directly. Then you can install the app manually whenever you want.

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